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If you have experienced lost teeth, modern dental implants are the preferred treatment due to their advancements over dentures and bridges, as well as their more natural appearance. However, dental implants are only successful when there is enough bone around the treatment area to promote active healing. Sinus lift surgery is a specialized type of bone graft specifically for the upper bone jaw that will eliminate any risk of damage to the sinus area.

Sinus lift augmentation is a procedure that some patients will require to ensure that their subsequent dental implant treatments can be completed safely and with the best results in mind. Following the bone graft, you will have a greater bone mass in the sinus area, which will support your oral wellness for years to come.

The Incredible Lasting Benefits of Sinus Lift Surgery

If you are planning to have a dental implant treatment, you need to feel 100% confident that it will deliver the desired results. Sinus lifts help overcome the problems posed by small jaws, large sinuses, and deteriorated upper jaws to ensure that the jaw has the strength and stability to accept the prosthetic teeth. Dr. Farzaneh Rostami can complete the procedure to ensure that you unlock its lasting rewards.

Sinus lift surgery is the preferred solution for pre-dental implant treatments because it is quick, safe, affordable, and causes minimal discomfort. Furthermore, a patient who adopts smart oral hygiene rituals following a sinus lift can see results that last a lifetime to support the dental implants for years – as well as any subsequent dental implants that may be needed in later life.

An upper jaw bone graft is primarily used for the functional purpose of supporting dental implants and will improve success rates to over 95%. However, it can additionally enhance your facial appearance. Once the dental implants have been subsequently added, you’ll also notice a change in your confidence, conversations, and daily comfort.

While the sinus lift cost can vary depending on the complexity of treatment, choice of bone material, and size of the graft, Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center prides itself on offering affordable treatments. Better still, the benefits that it offers to your jawbone will save you money in the long run as dental implants can last longer. Besides, you can’t put a price on a winning smile, which is why – for the right candidate – a bone graft is a valuable step towards building a happier future.

Am I a Candidate for a Sinus Lift Procedure?

A sinus lift isn’t needed by all patients looking for dental implants. Before completing the dental implant procedure, though, Dr. Rostami will check that your mouth is in good health. Otherwise, the chances of implants taking to your mouth will be severely impacted. A bone graft in the sinus area directly above the upper jaw is needed if the natural bone mass isn’t at the condition or strength needed to support the prosthetic teeth once they are fused to your jawbone.

Bone loss in the sinus area can happen for a variety of reasons, including the natural aging process. Gum disease and trauma caused by accidents, cancer treatments, or difficult tooth extractions are common causes too. As such, a sinus lift is a fairly common procedure used as a precursor to dental implants. Similarly, gum disease must be treated prior to dental implant procedures.

If you lost your teeth several years ago or as a result of long-term oral health problems, a process called resorption may have dissolved the tissues in the sinus area. Without a bone graft, it’s likely that the jaw will reject the prosthetic teeth. When this is the case, you will be a prime candidate for a sinus lift to avoid penetration of the sinus during the dental implant procedure.

A clinical assessment including X-rays and imaging will investigate the current condition of the bone and sinus area to determine whether the bone graft treatment is needed or not.

Sinus Lift Procedure Explained

Sinus lift surgery is used to lift the floor of the sinus area and ensure that your upper jaw will be capable of accepting the prosthetic teeth. While most cases are completed under local anesthesia, complex cases may require hospital stays due to taking bone from the hip of other body parts.

Assuming that your sinus augmentation can take place here at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center, Dr. Rostami will make a tiny incision into the gum of your upper jaw to reveal the sinus membrane. Following this, the new bone material – real bone or synthetic material – is inserted into the space between the jawbone and the sinus membrane to reverse the effects of resorption. A collagen membrane may also be placed on top for added strength and stability before the gum tissues are stitched shut.

The bone graft is a safe and straightforward procedure that takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete. While side effects may include pain in the treatment area, along with bleeding in the mouth and nasal areas, this should pass in around 72 hours. Any discomfort can be managed with painkillers or antibiotics. Bone graft dental treatments are followed by another appointment to remove the stitches, which usually happens one week later.

While you can return to normal life very quickly, a period of 6 to 9 months is required for the new bone material to fully integrate. Then you will be able to have your dental implants without any threat of sinus penetration.

Sinus Lift Aftercare

Following the initial 72 hours of recovery, it is vital that you continue to look after your gums and the sinus lift treatment area throughout the healing process. Otherwise, the procedure won’t support the dental implants with the intended levels of success. Gentle cleaning and medicated mouthwash will be advised. Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center will provide full guidance during and after the treatment to ensure that the results will keep you smiling.

Learn how Dr. Rostami can prepare your mouth for permanent dental implants with a sinus lift today. Patients in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, or the surrounding areas should call (202)296-6600 to arrange a full consultation.

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