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Our canines are the most prominent teeth and we can easily recognize them as they are the most pointed of all our teeth. Their locations on each side of the four incisors at the front of the mouth are what makes our teeth stand out. However, these all-important teeth can become stuck or move into the wrong positions. When they become impacted, they may not erupt from the gum, which means they may try to find another exit route. This can mean they erupt from the roof of the mouth or above the outer surface of the teeth.

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Only a very small proportion of the population will have an impacted upper canine and a lot of these people experience it through the roof of the mouth or by the cheek, which doesn’t just provide pain but it could cause feelings of self-consciousness. There are many reasons why it can happen, such as a shortage of space in the upper jaw or even a family history of impacted canines.

As the upper canine teeth are some of the last to come through, these have more potential to become impacted and not reach the position within the upper jaw. If left untreated this could result in a lesion developing around the crown of the tooth. If this becomes infected, this could cause damage by putting pressure on the roots of other teeth. This is where treatment is so essential. For anybody in the Washington DC area, Dr. Rostami and the entire team at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center can help you during this process.

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During the initial consultation, X-ray images are used to determine the precise position of the impacted canine. The procedure itself involves applying anesthesia and opening the gum over the impacted canine so an orthodontic bracket can be bonded. These are the same orthodontic brackets that will secure braces to teeth. Once this is done, a rubber band is attached to the impacted tooth, which applies tension so it can guide the canine tooth into the correct position. When the tooth has been moved into position, Dr. Rostami ensures that the gum tissue over the tooth is of the correct shape and the fitness guarantees it is kept clean. A typical appointment usually lasts 60 minutes.

After the procedure, you are unlikely to feel any immediate pain due to the anesthetic but as it wears off, you may feel uncomfortable which is where painkillers can help. After the procedure, there could be additional swelling and bruising in the area that may only become apparent 2 to 3 days afterward, but this normally resolves itself between 10 and 14 days after the procedure. However, any pain that becomes worse after a few days after surgery might indicate an issue in the recovery, in which case, you can easily get back in contact with us straight away and we will evaluate the surgical site and work hard to make you more comfortable and recover properly.

Use The Experts To Identify Canine Problems

Canines should be breaking through the gum from 11 years old. If there is a problem developing, the most important thing is that it is identified as soon as possible. The longer it is left, the more difficult it can be to correct, although this isn’t always the case. There are times when patients are well into their adult life and have impacted canines but never seek any professional help until painful symptoms manifest themselves. At this late stage, it can be difficult to bring these teeth into the right position which is why prevention is pivotal.

Every single tooth has a specific purpose. Your canines serve a very unique function as they are supposed to grip things in your mouth and help in tearing foods so you can eat food more comfortably. When these become impacted, this can have an effect on the stability of your teeth. Because they are the corner teeth of the dental arch, they stabilize the arch in the same way as columns would hold up a structure. This is why addressing these issues upfront and removing any obstacles to eruption is pivotal. Dr. Rostami and the team will identify the best approach for you. If you have any concerns that you have impacted canines that may not be causing you issues now, it’s important to keep ahead of this. Impacted canine teeth in adults may not cause issues initially but if left, these could resurface later in life. The best approach is always a preventative one.

Superior Results At A Great Price

If you have any initial concerns about impacted canines, a simple appointment is the best method just to make sure that everything is okay. Dr. Rostami and everyone at Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center provide a service with the highest level of clinical skill to guarantee that your needs are always met. Dr. Rostami has years of extensive training as a dental surgeon and an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Her years of experience and dedication to the craft will guarantee that if you are looking for a service that is caring, attentive, and actually gets to grips with those impacted canines right away, this is where we can really help you get to the root of the issue. If you have any concerns over the cost, we are offering a $99 new patient special, including 3D X-rays, exam, and consultation.

An impacted canine is not just something that will potentially cause pain but could have a wide-ranging impact on your oral health. It is a potentially essential procedure to help align and secure the positions of the rest of the teeth, ensuring you have that winning smile. If you are in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and surrounding areas, get in contact with Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center at (202)296-6600 and we can start to help you fix your canines and guarantee a smile you are happy to show off!

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