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Facial trauma, also known as maxillofacial trauma, is a complex issue that can severely hinder your life. Thankfully, the right cosmetic surgery treatments can restore health, function, and beauty. Whether the facial trauma has been caused by traffic accidents, sports injuries, assaults, falls, industrial accidents or something else doesn’t matter. An oral surgeon can deliver the life-changing results you deserve.

Whether you’ve actively been searching for an oral surgeon near me or would just like to learn more about the available options, Dr. Farzaneh Rostami boasts extensive experience in treating complex trauma cases at Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia. The Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center family is here to help.

Cosmetic Surgery for all Types of Facial Trauma

When looking for an oral surgeon to restore your winning smile, it’s only natural to wonder whether your type of facial trauma is covered. Dr. Rostami is an experienced dental surgeon who can provide treatments for all types of maxillofacial trauma including broken bones, lacerations, fractures, burns, tooth injuries, and soft tissue damage.

The harsh reality is that, when left untreated, facial trauma can lead to permanent facial disfigurements that impact your daily life in a very big way. Individuals may experience any combination of speech problems, breathing difficulties, swallowing troubles, a loss of facial functions, esthetic misalignment, reduced self-confidence, and indirect damage to relationships, careers, and more.

A thorough grasp of all the structures of the face and head enables Dr. Rostami to plan a safe and effective surgical treatment strategy that can successfully restore function and beauty while simultaneously protecting nerves and blood supply to the soft tissues. Furthermore, the Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center regularly deals with patients who have suffered facial trauma, thus ensuring that the most advanced levels of cosmetic care are used for a speedy recovery that additionally allows you to resume your life in style.

Understanding the Three Areas of Facial Trauma

Facial traumas may be caused by many different situations and no two patients are the same, which is why you must search for an oral surgeon near me who appreciates the patient as well as the problem. Ultimately, though, facial trauma cases can be split into three distinct categories. They are as follows;

  • Le Fort 1 describes a horizontal fracture across the lower nasal spectrum and inferior aspect of the maxilla.
  • A pyramid-shaped fracture to the lower or mid-maxilla through to the nasal bridge or frontal maxilla is labeled as Le Fort 2.
  • Le Fort 3 is a craniofacial disjunction (transverse fracture) to the upper maxilla or nasal bridge region.

Each of the three types can be caused by several different scenarios while they each have distinct impacts, such as epistaxis in Le Fort 2 or separation of the facial bones from the cranial base in Le Fort 3. Through extensive experience in the field, Dr. Rostami can quickly identify the type and severity of facial trauma before taking the necessary steps to restore function and beauty.

Whether treating a single type of facial trauma or multiple versions of damage, the oral surgeon will quickly plan and implement the right procedures. This may range from emergency dental cases like ensuring that the airways are open to injury treatments that retain your facial appearance.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery From An Oral Surgeon

After suffering a facial trauma, the return of oral health and facial function will naturally be the priority. However, retaining the esthetic aspects of a beautiful smile and symmetrical face will be vital too. By choosing an experienced dentist and oral surgeon, you can be sure to receive the best of both worlds while simultaneously gaining a safe treatment that delivers the quickest recovery times and longest-lasting results.

Crucially, you can be sure that your treatment following facial trauma will be tailored to the circumstances and severity of damage with specialized plans built to match the type of injury caused.

Cosmetic surgery for injuries to isolated teeth and dental structures are very common in these situations. Dr. Rostami can complete a comprehensive range of related procedures to treat fractures, support the jawbone, reinsert a tooth or teeth that were lost during the accident, and ensure that the mouth will heal correctly. Wiring and other bonding methods may be used to support teeth during this process to restore esthetic and functional elements for the long haul. If a tooth cannot be saved or replanted, extraction and dental implants may be required.

For soft tissue injuries, the oral surgeon uses a process called suturing – essentially stitching – to close the wound. This prevents infections and further damage while also producing the best cosmetic repair for your face. Prior to suturing, our cosmetic surgery team will check for damage to the nerves and other areas, taking optimal care to ensure that they remain in the best possible health.

Bone injuries in or around the mouth will also require the right treatment to accelerate and support the body’s natural healing processes. Jaw fractures, for example, will be wired shut to provide stability in the same way that a cast would stabilize an arm or leg. Alternatively, wiring can be avoided through the use of localized plates and screws. An experienced oral surgeon can complete the process with the fewest number of incisions and least amount of impact to the area. This means a fast and full recovery from the facial treatment.

The Search For an Oral Surgeon Near Me Ends Here

Physical facial traumas can occur in an instant and a quick response is the only way to reduce their impact and restore your oral health and facial function in style. Dr. Rostami is an experienced oral surgeon that delivers specialized care that restores natural appearance and facial features for patients in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and beyond.

As one of the most experienced and trusted names in the region, Dr. Rostami can put your fears to bed to ensure that lasting results are achieved. To learn more about facial trauma and/or emergency dental treatment, call Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center on(202)296-6600 now.

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